Long time no see on Banned In Bama, right? We’ve been road warrior for a couple of weeks. Jumping off new shows and a box full of beer with Lagunitas (Lah – goo – knee – tass) Hop Stoopid Ale. You’ll be seeing much of them in the coming weeks.

Hop Stoopid Ale

Very long hiatus on Banned In Bama, but we’re back like McRib.

Not much else in the public domain about SB153, but like a phoenix, the Brewery Modernization Act is rising from the ashes. Check out the Free the Hops blog for a rundown.

Shooting Creek Farm’s site doesn’t have any content, so I couldn’t link you to the beer.

Sorry folks, edited for the first time. Don’t worry, I just took some of my nose in the glass and me slurping out. Wanted to get it under 10 minutes.

Please, if you haven’t voiced your support in text, go to http://www.supportsb153.org/ and quickly write a letter.

Actual text of the new Free the Hops bill (pdf pops)

Unibroue La Terrible

Any special requests for me to do on the show? Leave ’em in the comments.

Remember folks, it’s not how you say it, but what you say. Doesn’t have to be pretty or well phrased. Sentiment is key. Take a few minutes and write a letter.

Alabama Homebrew Legalization

Dogfish Head Black and Blue

The joke (sorry for the audio) is “Can February March? No, but April May.” Not sure what happened there.

New stuff for you to visit. The Homebrewers have a website for their bill. You can find it here. If you live in Alabama, check out the “Write A Letter” portion and pour out your soul to the legislature.

Double Bastard Ale

My googling did, in fact, find that chrysanthemum is an edible flower. I’m still ruminating over the right choice for an alternate beer. I would say maybe a less carbonated Belgian golden strong ale would be closer than the UFO Hefe. This beer is shrouded in mystery and every time I think I’ve got it, it escapes my grasp.

Chateau Jiahu Info Page

This video was so long, youTube said NO! Shocker.

Ton of links for you today. Remember to check out the call to action especially. YOU made it happen in the Senate; YOU can do it again in the House.

House Homebrewing Bill Call to Action

Lenny Bruce Sings
Lenny Bruce Stand-Up
Keep looking around YouTube for some of his more edgy stuff.

Lenny’s R.I.P.A page

BREAKING NEWS: SB153 passes the Senate.
Kudos to you if you called and thanks for writing notes to the Senators at the last meeting. It worked!

Things were touch and go yesterday for a while. The bill passed the Budget Isolation Resolution vote (a procedural vote that all bills must go through before they’re voted on for passage) but then failed the vote on passage. Later in the day, it was revisited, amended, and passed!

Here is the amendment on page 2:

6 (c) Not more than 20 gallons of beer, mead, cider, or wine produced under this
7 section may be removed from the premises where it was produced
8 and may be transported for personal and noncommercial uses,

So we can’t move more than 20 gallons of beer around at a time. I’m sure everyone’s cool with that right?

Will keep you posted on what you can do to get this approved in the House.

Stone Smoked Porter

Zebra Clogs Traffic

Bear Republic Beers

Here’s the email call to action from John Little. Come on folks, it only takes 45 seconds to make the two phone calls.

Please take 10 seconds to make a call to Senator Ted Little’s office in Montgomery. The number is (334) 242-7865.
His secretary will answer. Just leave a message for Senator Little asking for his help bringing SB153 (legalizing homebrewing) up for a Senate floor vote. Be sure she knows that you are an Auburn (or Opelika, Lee County, etc) resident.
It is quick and painless, and the Senators give much more weight to residents of their own district.
If you feel like making another call, the most important Senator to contact is Lowell Barron (334-242-7858).
Thank you for your help. We actually have a chance to get to a floor vote today or tomorrow, but we really need everyone’s help in urging the decision makers to bring this bill up for a vote.

Dogfish Head Pangaea
John Little’s Homebrew Call To Arms
I should have done this research before shooting the episode, but here’s the list of materials from each continent.

    Australia – Crystallized ginger
    Antarctica – Water
    Asia – Basmati rice
    Africa – Muscavado sugar
    South America – quinoa
    Europe – yeast
    North America – maize

The maize, rice, sugar (maybe even the quinoa) give you the light body and crispness of this beer, and I’m really curious as to the volume of Antarctic ice that was transported to DFH HQ.

Very cool concept.

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